When to Use The Picker Wheel? A Complete Guide

Our Picker Wheel is a multi-purpose tool people use for various activities and tasks. Whether you want to make a random choice, select a contest winner, or assign colleagues some tasks, our wheel spinner can adapt to different scenarios and help you make decisions in no time.

The best thing is that it uses an advanced algorithm to select an option, and its decision is totally unbiased.

Keep reading the article to find out when you can use this valuable tool to make choices easily!

when to use picker wheel

1. Make a Random Decision

We often have multiple options to choose from but need help making a decision. This could be about selecting a restaurant, movie, outfit, meal, or something similar. In such situations, a spinner wheel comes in handy like the yes or no wheel

Add your options to the wheel and let it select a random option. If you are not satisfied with the decision, do not worry. You can spin the wheel as many times as you want to get the answer you are satisfied with.

Tip: use our tool to decide between yes and no or tackling what should you eat today.

2. Choose a Winner

It can be challenging to pick a contest or giveaway winner, especially if friends or family are among the contestants. In such cases, our online tool can help ensure a fair and unbiased selection process.

You can make the contest more interactive by displaying the wheel on a large screen. Let it spin to choose a random person while everyone eagerly watches and waits for it to stop and show results.

3. Play Games

Whether you are playing party games, puzzle games, or board games, you can make it a part of your activities to add an element of suspense. It can help you pick a random dare, question, reward, punishment, and much more, making games exciting for everyone involved.

4. Educational Settings

Teachers can incorporate our Picker Wheel into class activities to gain students’ attention and make learning more enjoyable for all. They can use it for various activities, such as choosing a topic for discussion or deciding who will perform a certain task.

5. Make Daily Choices At The Office

Making day-to-day decisions in the workplace can feel tiring at times. It can be challenging to choose who will give the first presentation or complete a specific task, especially if your schedule is already full. During such difficult days, you can make the most of a spin wheel and let it decide without any delay.


Our customizable wheel is an efficient tool that people use in various settings such as homes, offices, and parties for decision-making. It selects an option randomly, so there is no risk of cheating or biased decisions. You can simply add your options, customize the wheel, and spin it to let fate decide the outcome!

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