Maybe Yes or No Wheel: Random Decisions Make Easy By Spinning Yes No Picker Wheel

Our tool is here to help you decide where you get stuck in fifty-fifty or maybe decisions. It is an easy and exciting way to simplify your decisions with our spinning wheel.

Simply click on the wheel to make it rotate and generate a random answer from maybe, yes or no. This yes or no wheel rotates and randomly gives you a result so that you can take action in your life accordingly.

So, if you are stuck in making a decision, don’t worry; our yes or no picker wheel is here to help you take action. Spin this highly customizable wheel and make happy decisions.

What is Yes or No Wheel?

It is a random yes or no generator game that returns a positive (yes) or negative (no) answer, designed for those stuck in making a random decision. Whoever is confused in decision-making can spin it and take action accordingly.

When you click on the spinner, the wheel starts rotating and will stop on a choice of yes, no, or maybe randomly. Now, it is your luck what you get in return, hence why it is referred to as the wheel of fortune yes or no.

This decision-making technique is quite useful when you are confused or unsure of what to choose from. So, this tool will aimlessly let you select “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”

For more options try our main tool: Picker Wheel.

maybe yes or no wheel

Yes or No Generator Features

Right now, you will get all the features to generate a final choice between yes and no randomly to take action. Our team is already working on adding more exciting features. 

  • Result Count: The result count feature will remember how many times you get yes, no, and maybe. It will help you further in your decision-making. 
  • Maybe Option: You can click the Maybe button to add the “maybe” option to your wheel. It will help you decide between yes, no, or perhaps situations.
  • Selection of Entries: You can decide how many yes, no, or maybes appear in the wheel before spinning it.
  • Ease of Use: Our yes or no randomizer tool is the easiest to use in the market. Simply click on the wheel, and it will start spinning.
  • Colorful: Colors make this tool a fun game. You will surely want to spin it again and again. 🙂 
  • 50/50 Wheel: The result is generated randomly. You can not predict what will come in output. But it will help you make action in your 50/50 decisions.


We are committed to ensuring our yes or no simulator is user-friendly and beneficial for all. That’s why we keep this as a free tool for everyone. Here is the overview:

Number of spins each dayUnlimited
Is it free to use?100% Yes!
Can I customize it?Yes!
Can I share the result with fellows?Yes!

When to use it?

Whenever you get confused while deciding, even in your school, business, or life, you can use this tool to get help. Just click on the wheel to make it spin, and it will answer yes, no, or maybe (if you select the maybe option).

Let’s discuss some example use cases of the tool:

Use Cases of Yes or No Spinning Wheel:

This tool can assist you in making decisions when you are faced with difficult situations, such as:

  • Should I do it yes or no
  • Should I or should I not?
  • Should I do it?
  • Should I do something, yes or no?
  • Should I say yes or no?
  • Should I go to work today; yes or no?
  • Should I send the text yes or no?
  • Do we have school tomorrow, yes or no?
  • Will I get the job, yes or no?
  • Will he/she contact me?
  • Should I ask her/him out?
  • Does my crush like me?
  • Should I cut my hair?
  • Which one should I choose?

Further, you can use this tool as a “am I luck today wheel” and go or no go decision wheel. There are endless possibilities to use this tool.

How to use our Wheel?

It has two modes. One is simply yes or no, and the other includes maybe, yes, or no. Before spinning the wheel, first, see what mode you prefer to use.

yes no picker wheel
Buttons to choose from different modes.

After selecting the mode, you can also choose how many entries you want in your wheel. If you click “two,” there will be two yes, two no, and two maybe in your spin.

pickerwheel yes or no

Once you select the mode and number of entries, using our tool is quite simple. Click anywhere on the wheel or in the center to start spinning the wheel.

spin wheel yes or no

After some rotations, it will randomly stop on any option. Next, a pop-up window will appear displaying the result. After getting the answer, click on OK to spin the wheel again.

yes or no oracle wheel result
Example result from our yes or no generator wheel

Till now, you have selected your preferred mode, spun the wheel, and got a random result. Now, when you click OK, you will see the result count of that specific result. For example, in the image below, I spun four times and received one “yes,” two “no,” and one “maybe.”

maybe yes or no picker
Yes, No, Maybe Counter

It is how you can use this simple, fun, exciting, and easy-to-use yes, no, or maybe wheel.

Yes No Wheel FAQ

Still, have doubts about our Yes or No Picker Wheel? Let’s clear your doubts with these frequently asked questions about this yes/no wheel.

Yes, our tool is 100% free to use. 

There are two buttons under the main wheel, the yes no and the yes no maybe. If you want to add maybe to your wheel, click on the maybe button to update the wheel and add extra options.

We recommend considering your life situation for which you are using this wheel. After that, you need to decide whether you have to trust it or not. 

For example, if you are making a very serious decision in your life, we do not recommend relying only on this.

We made a special algorithm for randomizing yes and no so that no one can predict what you will get. That’s the true use case of this tool.

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