How to Add Names in Picker Wheel?

Choose a random name for the lucky draw, or add fun to your name selection activities with the help of the Picker Wheel. Here is how you can add names to this tool in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the text box where the default text Yes/No is already written.
  2. Remove this text and write any name you want in its place.
  3. Press the duplicate icon to add more options.
  4. Now, replace the default text of each option with your desired name.

You can customize it to fit your needs. Press anywhere on the wheel to spin it and make a decision instantly.

how to add names in picker wheel

Tips to Make The Most Out Of The Picker Wheel

Select your options wisely: When deciding to use our Picker Wheel, make sure you first choose relevant options that suit your situation well.

For instance, if you are planning a movie night with friends, add movies from different genres that everyone enjoys. Try not to choose movies that only you prefer.

Customize the Picker Wheel: We provide various customization options so our users can modify the spinner wheel according to their situation. So, use all these features to design a wheel that is just right for you.

Use it for different scenarios: You do not have to use our Yes or No Wheel only for Yes/No situations. 

Instead, turn it into a Name Picker Wheel, Number Picker Wheel, Country Picker Wheel, or any other kind of spinner wheel by adding text that better suits your situation.

Share it with others: Use the share button to send your friends the Picker Wheel via Facebook, Pinterest, or a direct link.


Our Picker Wheel is a user-friendly tool that offers various customization options, including the name insertion option. Add your chosen names in text boxes to use them as inputs, then spin the wheel to let it select a name for you!

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